Research Interests

On the Coordination Chemistry of Bacterial Siderophores

Siderophores are small, high-affinity iron-chelating compounds secreted by microorganisms including bacteria and fungi. Why are they secreted? Siderophores help these organisms to accumulate iron which is essential for the interior biochemical reactions. We try here to explore the chemistry of these siderophores.

Phytosiderophores: Chemistry and Applications

Phytosiderophores are siderophores produced by plants. They assist them to accumulate certain metals, including iron from the rhizosphere. Is it not interesting to know the chemistry behind them?

Natural Antioxidants: The Modes of Action

Antioxidants are chemical compounds which inhibit oxidation. There are biochemical reactions that may produce free radicals and consequent chain reactions leading to the destruction of the cells of living beings. Our body uses antioxidants against them. What is the mechanism behind these mysterious series of reactions? Let us see!